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Dear Rex,

Since dealing with your company since 1994, your staff has been very helpful and knowledgeable in saving me money on idle time with the Pony Pack. I love the accessability and ease of maintenance.

In the past -1 have gone to the Louisville, K Y tmck show with friends for the sole puipose of checking out APUs. Nothing that I have seen so far has matched up to the Pony Pack. It seems like all of the others are hard to maintain and take up valuable space in the cab of the truck. I have also found that I am able to purchase replacement parts such as belts, filters, etc from the local auto parts store while other APUs require you to special order parts at a very pricey cost. I have talked to my co-workers who have other APUs and they are dealing with a much higher maintenance costs then myself.

I also like the updates that have been made in the past years and the technology to keep improving your product. I also like the fact that if I am in the area with a Pony Pack problem, you will try your best to fit me into your schedule.

Thanks again for a great product!
Gary Wendtland, owner-operatorI
GLW Transport, LLP



Rex/Pony Pack,

I have been meaning to write for some time. I just had to tell you how happy I am with my Pony Pack unit (on my 2nd one). The 1st one had over 35K hours on it when I put the new one on which now has over 7K hours on it. I sat in Eloy, AZ for 4 days over Labor Day and had 40 degree vent temp in cab and sleeper, and a guy I was running with had your competitor’s unit which was struggling just to keep his sleeper only (not cab) cool at 4:00 in the afternoon he was impressed. I love the ease of maintaining the Pony Pack when I need to service it or do any other work on the unit. The cover comes off, and everything is right there in front of you. If I need to change the alternator or fuel pump, no problem. I just go to the local parts store and get one. Also the fuel savings and lack of wear and tear on big motor is so great, I’ve figured every hour on meter is saving me $4.00 (price of a gal of fuel) as the unit burns about 1.5 gallons per 8 hours of run time. I know my truck engine is benefitting because my oil samples are always below 1.25 ppm soot reading. The fact that I have no holes to drill in my sleeper or anything to mount in side boxes keeps me from sacrificing much needed space. I have to say that the Pony Pack is just over all a darn good product that WORKS, and the customer service I get from Mike and you can’t be beat.

Thanks again, Ben Kohler Conroe, TX 713-542-3165

PS: If anyone has any questions feel free to give them my phone number.


I wanted to let you know how I feel about your product, the Pony Pack APU.  The biggest thing I like about the Pony Pack is that I can work on it and get parts for it just about anywhere. Before I bought the Pony Pack I researched all of the truck APU’S out there including the Thermo King Tri Pac, Carrier, Rigmaster, and all that I could find on the others. What really drew me to the Pony Pack was the integrated system which didn’t require cab modifications and separate heating and cooling systems. All of the others were really complicated and looked like a lot of work to install. Today I have 1.5 million miles on my 2000 Kenworth, and I haven’t had a single rebuild done on the engine. I know that the Pony Pack extended my truck engine life because I have been able to eliminate my truck idling. I also went from oil changes every 20,000 miles to every 30,000 to 40,000 with oil analysis showing no issues. Today I can’t imagine not having a Pony Pack on my truck. When the clutch went out on my truck a/c compressor, I was able to utilize the Pony Pack a/c compressor with the flip of two switches until I had time to get the truck compressor replaced. Over the years, I have also had my alternator go out twice and used the Pony Pack’s alternator to keep me going down the road. With the 13.5 volt output, it is a great backup. If it weren’t for the Pony Pack, I would have been stuck on the side of the road with huge towing and/or repair bills when that happened.

Joel Pritchard, Owner operator Clarkesville, GA 706-768-6040

January 2015


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