The Original Diesel APU

Pony Pack-APU's by Rex logo


The very first Pony Pack was installed on the inventor’s truck in the 1980’s.  This diesel auxiliary power unit would be the base to build an entire industry.  This industry has seen many products come and go, but the Pony Pack remains the leader in the industry.

The Very First Pony Pack

Today’s Pony Pack is the most efficient, effective, and reliable diesel APU available with over 30 years of actual field results to drive continual improvements. The new and improved Pony Pack is a work horse. It is rugged enough to withstand the harshest of environments, dependable enough to maximize fuel savings and driver comfort, yet simple enough that any mechanically inclined individual can install it and provide maintenance. The Pony Pack’s integrated design allows the truck to run even when the truck engine’s alternator has failed. This unique feature will ensure the truck can make it to the next repair shop even at a later date avoiding costly shut-down time, towing charges, and roadside repairs.

Newer Brown KW at night 2 (paint)

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